Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer

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I haven't reviewed a beauty product in such a long time. I think it's about time I go back to reviewing... hehe~ Since I finished my Cellnique Vita Cellular Repair Emlusion (click here to read my review), I needed a light moisturizer for the summer. I bought this end of last year to use for the winter weather and realized it was too light for my dry skin. For that reason, I decided to hold back until summer... hehe~ If you go get this, know that this is the old packaging. They have a different logo on the container... hehe~ ;)

Product Review: Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer

Where can you purchase this: Walgreen
Price: $14.99

Made in USA

Information on the back: MERLOT is made of natural red grape seed polyphenols. It offers sensational antioxidant properties thereby helping to inhibit the aging process. MERLOT is fragrance free, non-oily, absorbs quickly.


My thoughts: I've read reviews on this moisturizer from other blogs and it really interested me. For that reason, I bought one end of last year. How great is it to use a product that has antioxidant and anti-wrinkle. It sounds great for aging skin which is one of my concerns (I don't have to worry about acne). When I first used this end of last year, it wasn't moisturizing for my dry winter skin. Now that I'm using it now, it is really cooling to the skin. You don't need much; a little goes a long way. Then again it might be the summer weather where it's not really dry... hehe~ On the back it says, there isn't any fragrance. I have to say I disagree because I do smell the grape flavor. Even though the information isn't correct, I don't mind since it smells nice. I love grape flavor!... hehe~ I also like that the moisturizer is purple. I know that sounds weird but it makes me feel that it really is made from grape... lol~ :D

* It claims to have antioxidant and anti-wrinkle.
* Smells like grape.
* Little goes a long way.
* Moisturizing.
* It's purple.
* Can easily purchase it from Walgreens.

* Don't see the effects of the antioxidant and anti-wrinkle.
* People who don't have Walgreens cannot purchase it.

Would I buy this again? Yes, only for the summer.
 4/5 Tobey's Paws

I haven't been buying things lately for several reasons, but I couldn't resist on this one... hehe~
When I saw this on Forever 21 website, I thought it was cute and that was about it. Then I saw a girl wearing this ring on her YouTube video and I knew I needed it... hehe~ I'm so glad I got the last one in my size... wheee~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Upcoming Review from CSN Stores

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I am so excited to hear I am a member of CSN Stores Preferred Bloggers!... woo hoo~ It makes me so happy to know they enjoy my blog to put me into that category. Thank you CSN Stores!!! :) It's such an honor. For the people who don't know CSN Stores website, it's a place where more than 200 different stores sell their products from dining room tables, pet supplies, cookware, and even feminine products like bags. Here are some pictures from their website.
I'm a big fan of wood style products and this dining table is oh so gorgeous!
This bed looks so comfortable and will be great for Tobey... hehe~
Here's a Kathy Van Zeeland bag I like. It's simple and pretty.
They even sell cute things like Hello Kitty. If you're a fan of cuteness, raise your hand *raises hand*... hehe~

I can go on with pictures and products CSN Stores sell, but it'll never end... hehe~ Stayed tune for my upcoming review from them!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post are from CSN Stores. I am not affiliated with this company nor getting paid to advertise this product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Credit: CSN Stores

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr Perricone Free Samples

This will be my second time working with Perricone MD and I am really excited about it!... wheee~ You should check out their blog, as well as, Dr Perricone Free Samples. This time they are going to give one of my readers a full size, 1 fl oz./30 mL, Cold Plasma worth $150. How exciting is that!!!
Here's a little information from their website:
Cold Plasma represents Dr. Perricone's most comprehensive and efficacious work to date.  

Through Dr. Perricone's patented delivery system, Cold Plasma offers the skin all it needs for optimal health. Cold Plasma helps correct the ten most visible signs of aging: wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, impurities, loss of firmness, loss of smoothness, and loss of radiance.

Whatever your age or skin type, Cold Plasma delivers extraordinary results.

Not only is Cold Plasma an awesome product, it received 4.5 stars from the people who have used this product from 631 reviews! That is one really good rave!!! I know the product is expensive, but Perricone is having a current special offer - free samples of Cold Plasma.

They're giving out 1 free 0.25 oz. Cold Plasma Deluxe Sample Tube. You only need to pay for shipping ($4.95). This is really a good opportunity especially to see if your skin likes it or not.

Now for the giveaway...

How to enter:
1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. One entry per person.
3. Open to US and Canada residents.
4. You must be 18 years or older. If you're younger than 18, please get your parent's permission.
5. You must leave a comment to this post with a blogger/google username stating why you want or need this Cold Plasma.
6. You must agree to leave your name, e-mail, and mailing address with Perricone MD.
7. The giveaway will end in two weeks, 7/27/2010 11:59 PST (pacific time).
8. The winner will be drawn with a random number generator. You have 48 hours to contact me [aly_4realz (at) hotmail (dot) com] or else a new winner be chosen.

Extra entries:
1. Post this giveaway on your blog (+1). If it's a new blog post, it'll be (+2).
2. Tweet about this giveaway (+1).

Thank you Perricone MD for sponsoring this giveaway!!! :)

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post are sponsored by Perricone MD. I am not affiliated with this company nor getting paid to advertise this product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Credit: Perricone MD

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fish Cake Sausages

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I just needed some time away from the blogging world... hehe~ My life has been full of hardship and I know things will get better. Aja aja fighting!~!~ I also apologize for not posting a lot of Korean recipes. To be honest, I haven't been cooking much. I've been too occupied with other things and it doesn't give me much time to cook. I finally started cooking again this week. This recipe isn't special but it'll make a nice ban chan, side dishes.

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

I'll show you two simple recipes with this fish cake sausages you can buy at any Korean market. Here goes with the first recipe... hehe~

fish cake sausage
1 egg
olive oil or any oil for frying

Step 1:
When you open the package, it looks like a sausage. You need to tear the plastic off. It is up to you how you want to tear the plastic... hehe~ ;)
After you tear the plastic, I just cut it.

Step 2:
In a little small bowl, I pour some flour. I coat both side with flour.
Then I do the same with 1 egg. In a small bowl, I crack 1 egg. You can season the egg with salt and black pepper. I just season it with a pinch of salt only and mix. Then with the coated fish cake sausage with flour, I coat it on both side with egg.
In a frying pan, I add olive oil and fry both side of the coated fish cake sausages with flour and egg.
If you like, you can make a soy sauce mixture. In a small bowl, add soy sauce and dilute it with a little water. Then add chopped green onions, red pepper powder, and sesame seed. You can eat this with rice and kim-chi.

Here's the second recipe with the fish cake sausage. This is my father's favorite!... hehe~

fish cake sausage
olive oil or any frying oil
chopped garlic
soy sauce or noodle soup base

Step 1:
Cut the fish cake sausage into flat, rectangle shape.

Step 2:
In a frying pan, add olive oil and chopped garlic. Once it gets hot, add the fish cake sausages. Fry it for a bit and then add the chopped onions. Fry it for some time and let it turn a little brown. Once it's ready, you can add soy sauce. Since soy sauce is too strong for my taste, I usually just add noodle soup base. It is up to you! ;)
I top the dish with sesame seeds. You can eat with rice and kim-chi. :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

$75 Gift Card to SkinCareRx Giveaway Winner

Happy belated 4th of July!!! I hope you guys had a good one and enjoyed the fireworks! :)

Thank you SkinCareRx for sponsoring this giveaway! Thank you for the people who entered this giveaway! I think it went well... hehe~ :)

Thank you again SkinCareRx!!! :)

Now for what you came for *drum roll*... hehe~
The winner of the random generator is #4 and that winner is


Congrats Linda and you have 48 hours to contact me with your e-mail and home address. My e-mail is aly_4realz (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you don't contact me within 48 hours, I will announce a new winner.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are sponsored by SkinCareRx. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

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Jannie from Sweet Simple Random Ramblings awarded me with Cherry on Top Award.!... woo hoo~ Thank you thank you thank you! It really means a lot to me especially it coming from her. These past couple of months we've been getting to know each other better beyond blogging. I must say she's one of the nicest, sweetest and most caring people I have met through blogging. I can see our friendship becoming more than virtual... hehe~ :)

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things which you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

3 things I love about myself:
1. I feel very blessed in family-wise. No matter what my family is always there for me including Tobey... hehe~ He might not do anything special but whenever I'm down, he would put his head under my hand to tell me to pet him. It might not be special, but it means a lot to me!... lol~ :)
2. I hate talking about myself. I believe people will judge you from what they see... hehe~ Talking about judging, I am what you see. I cannot cover up false feelings. You will see everything on my face. It might not be a good thing, but I feel that I am honest with myself.
3. I love that I look younger than my age... lol~ I think it runs in the family which is a great thing... wheee~

Post a picture I love:
I think this is such a cute picture of Tobey!... lol~ He's so gangster with his hoodie... hehe~

Tag 5 people:
I'm not very good about tagging people. I say I tag everyone who reads my blog!!!... hehe~ If you do this tag, PLEASE tell me I would love to read about it. :)

It's that time of the month again. Wow time sure flies or was June a short month!!!... lol~ :X Here's my "Empty Products for the Month of June."
I received this to do a product review (click here to read my review) and I still stand with my review. I like this product a lot only for the spring/summer weather. I think it wouldn't help my dry skin during fall/winter weather. It's very moisturizing and you only need a little amount for the face.

Would I buy this again? Yes, only for the spring and summer weather.

I won this from a giveaway long time ago. I used some of it last summer and stopped when my skin started getting dry. Since it's summer time, I wanted to finish this product. It's a very light body lotion. To be honest, I'm not too keen on this lotion. I didn't like it much when I first started using this and still have the same opinion. I don't know why but this lotion feels weird on my skin. It doesn't feel smooth or leaves a smooth texture. It's a unique feeling... hehe~

Would I buy this again? Probably not.

I received this from a person and mentioned briefly about this (click here to read about it). I've used it for several months now and my opinion on this has changed. It really removes nail polishes well except for the glitter type. It's hard to remove glitter nail polishes and something in the ingredients was not good for me.
I'm guessing it might be the last ingredient, benzophenone, but I could be wrong... hehe~ After couple of weeks of using this, my nails would break easily. I never had an issue with breakage until I used this. I had to use a nail hardener to finish this product.

Would I buy this again? I doubt it but I'm glad I got to try this out.

I'm going to end with two jewelry purchase. Since I don't have a car, I don't get to go shopping. This day was a lucky day that I got to step into Forever 21 and that was it... lol~ :X
I got a simple hoop earrings. I don't need any more hoop earrings since I have so many as it is, but this one is in gold plated. I don't own any gold jewelries so this is a good one for me... wheee~
I've been really into the double finger rings when I see people wear them. This is my first one and I love it... hehe~ It's a simple silver key! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for the Empty Products of the Month of June. I either received them as a gift or to do a product review. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.
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